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East Carolina Playhouse - Fall 1996

The look for this production of JB was that of an old, run-down circus. The preshow included a bare-bulb ghost light, with the production beginning in worklight with very little of the lighting array exposed. As the play progressed a more circus/rock concert look for the space was added. This theatrical lighting dynamic was further enhanced within the limited linesets available by doubling-up many of the electrics with a secondary batten hung under the primary batten. Using this technique, a more concert-like lighting look could be achieved without the need for more linesets or fly space in the already full flyhouse.

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Preshow - The stage crew sets up under worklights

JB Learns of His Wife's Death

Start of Act II - JB in tatters and chained to his dung heap

The “Hoodlum” Comforters Offer JB Excuses