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ECU/Loessin Playhouse - Fall 2002

For Picnic, our production team sought to create a world similar to the natural world but a world in which nothing bad could happen, a world of Disney-like beauty that was a bit too good to be true, reflecting the young woman’s naïve view of her lover and consequent vulnerability.

The lighting for this production pursued this goal through the use of natural and realistically driven lighting, with the larger than life qualities playing themselves out on the cyc. For example, in the scenes shown here the direction and angle of the lighting is driven by nature, but the cyc coloring is magically colorful.

The “magic” on the cyc was achieved through the use of simple, custom cut slides for the strip lights, and the use of an array of PARs with color scrollers. The use of these scrollers allowed the cyc to change and “breathe” as the scenes progressed.

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