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ECU/Loessin Playhouse - Spring 2000

The lighting for the Bacchai sought to emphasize the differences between two different worlds: the world of the Bacchai – a world of passion and emotion; and the world of the king - a world without passion, a world driven by order.

With this goal, the lighting in the scenes driven by the king are planar with a regimented order to the lighting and a thin color palette. By contrast, the lighting in the scenes driven by the Bacchai have a rich color palette with high contrast, the elements of chaos and passion.

As an extra feature, the lighting of the God Dionysus frequently involved a pure white light, of very high intensity. This, coupled with a powdered body make-up, caused the character to apparently glow, thereby separating him from mere mortals.

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Dionysus Meets the King

The King Learns of Dionysus From a Shepherd

The Bacchai

Moonlit Ritual Bath

Dionysus’ Arrival

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