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or Death of Some Salesmen

Swine Palace - Spring 2010

Our production of Self Defense: or Death of Some Salesmen uses a morgue-inspired setting to tell the story of real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos (Jolene Palmer). This cold, sterile, institutional environment is where the isolated vignettes of the story are played out. The lighting of course followed suit, the warmest light being an unfiltered white light. Isolated pools of light punctuate the story as it flows from scene to scene.

The production team sought to tell the story of this convicted serial killer not simply as a two-dimensional monster, but more as a fully dimensional disturbed human being.

This was the first fully produced show presented in the newly renovated Lab Theatre in the LSU Music and Dramatic Arts Building. The thrust format and the intimate space helped to make the production particularly evocative.

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Preshow - Highlighting the Morgue-Like Magic Box, and The Chair-Home of the Accused

One of the Detectives Questions a Group of Strippers

These Same Ladies Then Quickly Transform to Play a Range of Other Roles

Jolene is Busted in a Bar Following the Detectives’ Sting Operation

Detectives Question Lu, Jolene’s Friend/Lover

As Jolene’s Trial Hearings Begin, A New Spiritually Driven Friend Helps to Guide Her

As Her Trial Continues, The Media and Her Spiritual Advisor Offer Commentary on the Proceedings

As Conviction after Conviction is Handed Down, the Angels “Goodness” and “Mercy” Appear to Offer Their Comfort